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How important are vent stacks and what is their purpose? — Angie's List member Mike Shadoan, Oak Harbor, Ohio "They introduce air into the plumbing system so there's no vacuum," [Read More]
01/12/2011 (08:53 PM)
If your windows are less than picturesque, perhaps it's time to dress them up. Angie's List Magazine asked two window treatment professionals to point out the essentials necessary to properly accentuate your room. [Read More]
01/12/2011 (08:55 PM)
I’m old enough to remember seeing (and being fascinated by) old wind mills here and there on farms in the Midwest where I grew up. In earlier years, before electricity reached parts of the rural Midwest, it was not uncommon to see these home wind turbines whirling away, generating electricity for rural families that otherwise would not have any.   [Read More]
01/13/2011 (06:13 AM)
Many first time homeowners find themselves quickly overwhelmed by simple everyday repairs. If they have never been a do-it-yourselfer, many simple repairs can seem daunting, complex or overly difficult. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (06:14 AM)
Some things in life are truly irreplaceable, even if you already have comprehensive home insurance and an alarm service. Such items, such as baby pictures, marriage documents, birth certificates and keepsakes, can quickly go up in flames in case of a flood or fire. Also, these items also require organization especially as the years of your life begin to build up more and more valuable memories. Adding a fire-proof, water-proof and break-in proof safe to your home security and insurance can give you the peace of mind that certain items won’t be lost forever if the worse happens. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (06:17 AM)
When the cherry red washer-dryer combination appliances came out, my wife was practically drooling over them. She wanted them so bad that I finally broke down and bought her a LG pair front-loading washer and dryer (of course, cherry red). [Read More]
01/13/2011 (06:19 AM)
Help keep your roof in tip-top shape and forestall repairs or replacement by following these steps: [Read More]
01/13/2011 (07:16 AM)
Is your home ready for winter’s chill? It’s important to weatherize now. Not only will your home feel more comfortable, but you’ll save energy and money, too. Angie's List consulted with its highly rated heating and cooling specialists and insulation companies on how to get your home ready for winter. [Read More]
01/17/2011 (11:57 PM)
Remodeling projects are expensive and nearly always end up taking more time and causing more personal life disruption than any homeowner expects. And some projects that homeowners think will set their abodes apart and make them a “must have” when it comes time to sell, actually end up being the first thing the new owners want to see gone. [Read More]
01/18/2011 (12:25 AM)
Water damage and soil erosion are the main culprits of foundation cracks, usually caused by climate changes, downspouts not extended away from the home properly, or overflowing gutters. Left unchecked, a settling foundation could lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Foundation issues don’t just plague older homes. In fact, many newer homes are affected, often because the builder neglected to create a positive slope for drainage to go away from the home. [Read More]
01/18/2011 (12:35 AM)