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Most of us feel better on a sunny day. But did you know that sunshine can be captured to save you money on your energy bill? Homeowners across the county are mounting solar panels on their homes to capture the sun’s rays and convert them into solar electricity. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (05:53 AM)
Of all the baby steps you can take toward a greener lifestyle, this is one of my favorites: Never, ever use Styrofoam. Much like plastic, Styrofoam never biodegrades or breaks down.  But unlike most plastics, Styrofoam is rarely ever recycled.  It can be done, but it’s difficult and I’ve yet to come across a facility that takes it. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (05:54 AM)
Most folks are well aware of the three-legged stool of good health- good nutrition, exercise and restful sleep. However, while taking my health coaching certification classes, I learned about the fourth quadrant of health, less commonly noted, and that is cleansing and detoxification. It’s the least glamorous of all the four quadrants, and usually considered indelicate to discuss in mixed company. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (05:55 AM)
I love it when Billy Joel sings, “Don’t you know about the new fashion, honey? All you need are looks and a whole lotta money” in his hit It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me. As it turns out you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fabulous. These Top Ten Tweeters on Green Fashion will turn any pre-conceived notions you have about fashion inside-out. They are objectively ranked in order from most Twitter followers to least. We hope these Tweeters leave you feeling inspired about combining fashion and sustainability. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (05:58 AM)
There are several good reasons to switch to gas appliances, according to the Laclede Gas Company in St. Louis, MO. For example, [Read More]
01/13/2011 (06:00 AM)
Timber frame homes are grand mansions for movie stars and cowboy millionaires. They require a Montana-sized backyard and a NASA–sized budget, right?   [Read More]
02/06/2011 (06:53 PM)
Everybody is “Going Green” these days; it’s all the rage everywhere you look. For some, it seems like the impossible has happened: it’s now “cool” to be eco-friendly. We’re all recycling and trying to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. The Green movement has even hit the coffee market in the form of biodegradable coffee filters. [Read More]
02/16/2011 (10:34 PM)