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As a busy father of four, I’m always looking for ways for my family to have an easy and fun activity that everyone can enjoy in the comforts of our own home. One of the highlights of my life is coming home to Friday Family Night. I love spending several hours with my children and relaxing after a long week of work. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (07:08 AM)
We are officially into the holiday season–having lived through the biggest American feasting day of the year– Thanksgiving.  How can we get through December’s myriad holiday parties and endless supply of Christmas cookies, candy and juicy hams without putting on extra pounds?  [Read More]
01/13/2011 (07:11 AM)
We all know we are supposed to exercise daily. Most folks have stories about a treadmill that doubles as a coat rack or planter in their basement. Many have purchased expensive gym memberships that go unused. What’s going on here? [Read More]
01/13/2011 (07:12 AM)
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates Americans spend at least 90 percent of their time indoors. Pollution levels inside the home are often two to five times higher than outside. In honor of "National Care About Your Indoor Air Month," here are some tips to help keep your lungs healthy and wheeze-free. [Read More]
02/16/2011 (10:45 PM)
Potholes plague streets this time of year. If you have the misfortune of hitting a pothole head on, you should worry about more than just your tires. The impact delivers a shock to your entire vehicle that can cause damage to steering and suspension. Here are three signs that your vehicle should get checked out by a trusted mechanic: [Read More]
03/02/2011 (06:21 AM)
  When sun hits the snow and ice on your roof all that melted cold water leaks into frozen over gutters and eaves, forming dangerous icicles that could cause a lot of damage to your home. It’s a process called ice damming and it could lead to serious problems or a big home hazard. Angie’s List recently talked to highly rated roofing and gutter specialists for their advice on protecting your property – and your loved ones – from these tapering, jagged icy shards. [Read More]
03/02/2011 (06:24 AM)