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Gardening and Landscaping

Millions of people are on the path to a greener lifestyle.  It doesn’t matter where you are along your journey; the important thing is to keep taking steps forward… even baby steps count! [Read More]
01/13/2011 (05:45 AM)
  At Cool Ponds, we preach the use of aerators in ponds. Not only will it keep a hole in the ice in the winter, but it can keep your water clean and clear during the heat of summer. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (05:46 AM)
Like photography or woodworking, you can never own too many tools for hobby gardening. And like other hobbies, owning the right suite of garden tools determine if you achieve worthwhile results. Here are the indispenable tools we recommend for your garden tool collection: [Read More]
01/13/2011 (05:48 AM)
A custom-made, quality play set can turn your backyard into an adventurous playground! With a struggling economy, many families are opting for a “staycation” instead of the annual trek to a theme park for a week. And, with the money saved, they’re choosing to invest in a lifetime of fun by buying a backyard play set. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (05:49 AM)
Most people can’t tell the difference between a bee and a yellow jacket. So here’s the short course: Yellow jackets ruin barbecues. Bees pollinate, and some make honey. So if you want more flowers and a bountiful crop of fruits and vegetables, you want bees. It’s that simple. [Read More]
01/18/2011 (12:12 AM)
Ever driven through a neighborhood where the houses looked pretty much alike, but some were clearly more interesting than others? [Read More]
02/06/2011 (06:45 PM)