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Most people can’t tell the difference between a bee and a yellow jacket. So here’s the short course: Yellow jackets ruin barbecues. Bees pollinate, and some make honey. So if you want more flowers and a bountiful crop of fruits and vegetables, you want bees. It’s that simple. [Read More]
01/18/2011 (12:12 AM)
Painting the exterior of your home is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to spruce it up. A fresh coat of paint can change the whole appearance, whether you’re going for a traditional look or trying out a new, creative decorative finish. And with an ever-increasing array of color choices and finishing techniques, your options are endless. [Read More]
02/06/2011 (09:11 AM)
Remodeling projects are expensive and nearly always end up taking more time and causing more personal life disruption than any homeowner expects. And some projects that homeowners think will set their abodes apart and make them a “must have” when it comes time to sell, actually end up being the first thing the new owners want to see gone. [Read More]
01/18/2011 (12:25 AM)
Are you ready to get organized? Here are some tips to consider before messing with the mess:   [Read More]
01/18/2011 (12:30 AM)
Water damage and soil erosion are the main culprits of foundation cracks, usually caused by climate changes, downspouts not extended away from the home properly, or overflowing gutters. Left unchecked, a settling foundation could lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Foundation issues don’t just plague older homes. In fact, many newer homes are affected, often because the builder neglected to create a positive slope for drainage to go away from the home. [Read More]
01/18/2011 (12:35 AM)
  Whether it’s a Home Show, Flower Show, or Home and Garden Show…here are our tips for maximizing your show experience… [Read More]
01/12/2011 (09:02 PM)
Top insulation specialists suggest homeowners have their insulation levels evaluated. Experts believe that more than half of the houses in the United States are not properly insulated. Here's what a professional inspects to determine if the level of insulation is adequate in your home:   [Read More]
02/06/2011 (06:50 PM)
Timber frame homes are grand mansions for movie stars and cowboy millionaires. They require a Montana-sized backyard and a NASA–sized budget, right?   [Read More]
02/06/2011 (06:53 PM)
Regardless the size of your project, the smartest thing you can do before you start is make sure you hire reliable contractors and have the resources to cover both the project and unexpected home repairs that will come up throughout the year. [Read More]
02/06/2011 (07:00 PM)
Checking air filters at least every two months and changing them when needed prolongs system life. EPA suggests using the highest-quality filter recommended by your manufacturer. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association says not to skimp on price; better filters block more particles and last longer than cheap ones. [Read More]
02/16/2011 (10:25 PM)