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We’ve all done this: Gone to the last place we put something, only to find it’s not there anymore. Or while rooting around in the pantry for dinner, we discover a container of something that expired … 2 years ago. Or while working away in our home office, we realize we need a document for an impending conference call, and it’s nowhere to be found. (And you just had it!) On average, a typical American wastes 2 months per year looking for things they own or know they have somewhere, but can’t find. Sixty days! [Read More]
01/13/2011 (06:40 AM)
As a busy father of four, I’m always looking for ways for my family to have an easy and fun activity that everyone can enjoy in the comforts of our own home. One of the highlights of my life is coming home to Friday Family Night. I love spending several hours with my children and relaxing after a long week of work. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (07:08 AM)
Everyone who has a home wireless network setup realizes just how useful this home feature is for everyday computing. All you need is a wired connection and a wireless router to broadcast a secure online (i.e. Internet) signal throughout your house (usually 100-300 feet of reception in all three directions). Best of all, with today’s Internet security applications out there and built-in wireless security, almost all wireless computing is just as secure as wired computing. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (07:10 AM)
We all know we are supposed to exercise daily. Most folks have stories about a treadmill that doubles as a coat rack or planter in their basement. Many have purchased expensive gym memberships that go unused. What’s going on here? [Read More]
01/13/2011 (07:12 AM)
Many first time homeowners find themselves quickly overwhelmed by simple everyday repairs. If they have never been a do-it-yourselfer, many simple repairs can seem daunting, complex or overly difficult. [Read More]
01/13/2011 (04:26 PM)
Most people can’t tell the difference between a bee and a yellow jacket. So here’s the short course: Yellow jackets ruin barbecues. Bees pollinate, and some make honey. So if you want more flowers and a bountiful crop of fruits and vegetables, you want bees. It’s that simple. [Read More]
01/18/2011 (12:12 AM)
Ever driven through a neighborhood where the houses looked pretty much alike, but some were clearly more interesting than others? [Read More]
02/06/2011 (06:45 PM)
Timber frame homes are grand mansions for movie stars and cowboy millionaires. They require a Montana-sized backyard and a NASA–sized budget, right?   [Read More]
02/06/2011 (06:53 PM)
Everybody is “Going Green” these days; it’s all the rage everywhere you look. For some, it seems like the impossible has happened: it’s now “cool” to be eco-friendly. We’re all recycling and trying to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. The Green movement has even hit the coffee market in the form of biodegradable coffee filters. [Read More]
02/16/2011 (10:34 PM)