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Winter Pond Aerators

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At Cool Ponds, we preach the use of aerators in ponds. Not only will it keep a hole in the ice in the winter, but it can keep your water clean and clear during the heat of summer.

But you need to know how to change how you’re using them in winter…for the health of your fish.

In the summer, the air stones should drop to the bottom of your pond. The goal is to keep oxygen in the deeper levels for your fish and to give the beneficial bacteria a boost.

For the winter it’s completely different. You don’t want to stir up the water at  the bottom of your pond — it’s the warmest, and we want to keep it that way. Move the air stones close to the water surface during winter. Moving the air stones will not only make it easier for them to keep the water from freezing, but it will also keep the cold water from mixing with the warm water.

What if the air stones are still at the pond bottom and the lines are now frozen  in ice? If you find yourself in this situation, unplug the aerator until it is thawed.

Mixing the cold water with the warm is too stressful for your fish. Once  the ice has thawed, you can move the air stones to a shallow location. Simply dangling them on the pond edge is fine.

If you have a skimmer, it’s a good idea to put the air stones in front of the opening.

That way, the water will remain thawed in front of the skimmer so the water can flow freely to the pump.