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Try a Full-Body Soak in a Walkin Bath Tub

Posted by: Bryan Hollis on


Who hasn’t longed for the perfect full-body soak in a hot tub to treat their aching body? And wouldn’t it be great if that experience included full body immersion? Consider a walk-in bathtub.

The Mona Lisa walk-in bathtub by Clarke Products stands at 40”, which is the tallest, deepest, acrylic walkin bath available on the market. The company is the only manufacturer of Lucite acrylic bathtubs with Microban antimicrobial protection, which deters the growth of bacteria and prevents odors and stains on the bathtub surface.

Fully Immersed in a Walkin Bathtub

Most homeowners who are interested in a walkin bathtub like the idea of an ease of entry, safety, and a deep soaking experience. Senior citizens often require a walk-in tub for safety and security.  

Because of its ergonomically designed seat, its height, its well space length, and the placement of its tub drain overflow, it is feasible that practically anyone can enjoy a bath, fully immersed, and with their legs fully extended.  

Walk-in bathtubs also offers a digital thermometer which is built in and allows for a water temperature reading with only 1.5″ of water in the bathtub. For safety and convenience, these type of bathtubs often come with an L-shaped stainless steel grab bar. This shape allows for bathers to pull themselves up from the seat. Using the horizontal portion of the bar allows support when showering.  

Every aspect of a walk-in bathtub has been well thought out and designed. With these great features, it creates the perfect bathing experience. Check into a walk-in bathtub, and discover a truly luxurious bathing experience–from neck to toe.