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Top Ten Tweeters On Eco-Friendly Fashion

Posted by: Laura Lieber on

I love it when Billy Joel sings, “Don’t you know about the new fashion, honey? All you need are looks and a whole lotta money” in his hit It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me.

As it turns out you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fabulous. These Top Ten Tweeters on Green Fashion will turn any pre-conceived notions you have about fashion inside-out. They are objectively ranked in order from most Twitter followers to least. We hope these Tweeters leave you feeling inspired about combining fashion and sustainability.

  1. leads the pack of Green Fashion Tweeters with 29,172 followers. Although they are a comprehensive source for all things green, there is plenty to learn about eco-fashion when you head over to their website www.treehugger.comand click on Fashion & Beauty. Here is where you will find 7 Reasons Why You Should Care About Sustainable Fashion and 5 Back to School DIY Projects to Get You to the Head of Class in Eco-Style. My favorite idea is to host a clothing swap with your friends. Get new clothes and accessories without spending money. That is my idea of modern economics! is doing their part to help guys who want to look good by providing an excellent Men’s Green Fashion Guide.
  2. is our second place pick with 6,380 followers. Visit their where you will get a healthy dose of edgy, alternative attitude. This multi-media network is ready to help you in discover and create your own alternative fashion style. The Threadbanger network includes videos, a forum, blog, newsletter, contests and viewer-take-overs. This is the DIY clothing center of the cyber-universe. They will show you how to recycle, up-cycle and re-fashion anything with simple sewing techniques. Anything can be made cool, even your old fanny pack from the eighties.
  3. has 5,223 followers and is the Twitter-based conscience of the fashion world. Kelly Drennan’s website www.fashiontakesaction.comeducates fashion based businesses, the media and consumers about sustainable fashion. Fashion Takes Action is a Canadian based group that has sponsored high-profile events such as the Green Gala, Canada’s greenest fashion event. Sit back and enjoy their video, Sustainable Fashion 101. Are you pro-bamboo or no-bamboo? This is an excellent resource if you are interested in learning more about issues like whether or not bamboo is an environmentally friendly material.
  4. with 4,206 followers is sure to be your new guilty pleasure. Once you visit it will not take you long to conclude that they are indeed the authority on sexy, sustainable style. Here is your trusted friend, personal shopper, and inside source on green fashion for men, women and children. All of the products are selected, tested and recommended by their editors. I must confess a little envy for the editor who got to try out Oakley’s Bob Burnquist Signature Series Recycled Sunglasses. You will sleep better at night knowing that their recommendations are guaranteed to be pure and free of toxins and good for your personal health and the environment.
  5. has earned over 3,900 followers. If you are an internet shopper like me, you will surely appreciate their website Their goal is to help you create a closet where your personalized fashion sense matches your social conscience. They know that your inner fashionista is truly unique. You will feel like you have your own personal eco-minded stylist bringing you high-quality clothes that might be organic, recycled or fair-trade but are above all beautiful.
  6., 2,558 followers, is the Twitter-voice They are true to their self-definition. Eco = to educate and empower you to make better choices in beauty for your health, the environment and our future. Diva = reflecting your inner most style and personality. You will want to visit them frequently because they are constantly scouring Etsy for their Weekend Etsy Find. The new white leather handbag created from what was once an old white leather skirt is a must-see.
  7. is a Twitter hot-spot for women from all over the world. Join their 2,405 followers who enjoy reading articles written by fashion conscious women who have chosen to living a more sustainable life. This global group of women has created their own line of organic tees. You will be inspired and entertained by the articles on My favorites are Recovering Fashionistas Taking Green to a New Level and Going Green – You Know Things Have Gone Too Far, When…
  8. Looking for Grechen? You can find her and 1,973 followers Grechen is the Atlanta-based, eco-shopping queen of the internet. I was most drawn to her website She maintains 5 other websites as well. Her site is the one-stop shop for coupon codes to use at environmentally-friendly stores. She is a fashionista with a conscience which I interpret to mean that she will help you find a bargain but encourages you to think twice about whether you really need that handbag or dress you desperately want. A discovery on her site was a guide to plus size eco-chic. While she acknowledges that there are not a ton of choices in plus size sustainable fashion, I trust that her recommendations are both fitting and fabulous.
  9. The green fashion, beauty and lifestyle guide, is a Twitter-treasure find. Their 454 followers already know about their website, Have you been looking for the perfect outfit that is comfortable, fashionable and kind to the earth? This is the place for you. They are the ultimate detectives when it comes to researching the materials and origin of each item of clothing they recommend. An added bonus: If you are visiting or happen to reside in London, England, check out their Map of the Best Eco-Friendly Places to shop in London.
  10. You are sure to appreciate our final pick, Although they currently have slightly less than 250 followers, this grass roots, nonpartisan coalition of fair trade organizations, vendors, retailers, schools, individuals and consumers will inspire you with their commitment to make a positive difference in communities around the world. The website draws attention to socially consciousness movements like Pants to Poverty, whose mission is to make fair-trade and pesticide free cotton underwear and Autonomie Project, a fair trade, vegan fashion company based out of Boston, MA, that manufactures natural fiber flip-flops, t-shirts, handbags and more. I particularly enjoyed their article about a group aiming to influence the very fashionable First Lady, Michelle Obama, to declare the White House a “Fair Trade Home”.

Thank you for reading this Top Ten installment on Green Fashion. We hope you will visit us again next week for the Top Ten Eco-Friendly Home Appliances.

Who do you follow in Green Fashion on Twitter? What are your favorite eco-fashion finds? Please share you story by leaving a comment below.

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