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Stop Flushing Trees Down the Toilet with a Bidet

Posted by: Dee Baugher on


Did you know that at least 15 million trees lose their lives annually so that Americans can have toilet paper?   

By 2001, toilet paper manufacturers were producing an astonishing 100 million rolls of the stuff every day just to meet the demand from each of us.   

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.  By using a bidet or a bidet attachment and 1 less 500-sheet roll of virgin-fiber toilet paper, your household alone could save the lives of 297,000 trees every year.  

 What is a Bidet and How Does it Work?

Contrary to what some people may believe, a  bidet (pronounced bid-day) is not a funny looking toilet, says Jorge Rebagliati of The Bidet Solution. It is a personal hygiene device  to be used after you have finished your business on a traditional toilet.  

 There’s really no delicate way to put it…a bidet is a tool for cleaning the genitalia and anal regions by streaming cool water over the area.  Bidets are common in European and Asian countries, but are not something many Americans are familiar with.   

The bidet can be a standalone apparatus or there are bidet attachments you can add to your standard toilet.  Bidet attachments are the most affordable and practical way to add a bidet to your home.  It takes up no additional space and installs in minutes.  


Toilet Bidets are Environmentally Friendly

Besides reducing the amount of toilet paper (and therefore the number of trees) needed to meet Americans’ voracious demand, homeowners can help promote other eco-friendly benefits, too, such as: 

  • Toilet paper manufacturers using less electricity
  • 1.2 million cubic feet of landfill space saved each year 
  • 122 million gallons of water saved because flushing would not need to occur as frequently


Bidets in Toilets Eliminate Rubbing and Scrubbing

Jorge says using a bidet provides many important health benefits.  Toilet paper can’t remove all the urine and fecal matter in the perinea area, so there’s a higher chance for bacterial growth that causes uncomfortable itching and irritation.  Bidets reduce the chance of contamination-caused urinary tract infections. Water even works better than moist towlettes or medicated wipes because there are no chemicals to aggravate delicate tissues.Hemorrhoids, a painful condition that inflicts 89% of Americans at some time in their lives, heal faster when bathed in the gentle stream of cool water, and there’s less chance they will reoccur when using bidets. Bidets also reduce the burning and irritation caused by diarrhea and surgeries in the perinea area are comforted and heal more quickly when a bidet is used.  

The gentle spray of a toilet bidet is soothing and actually increases blood circulation to the nether regions–not to mention that using a bidet just plain feels better than rubbing and scrubbing at the most sensitive parts of our bodies with wadded up balls of scratchy paper.  

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