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Small Home Repairs for the Do-it-Yourselfer

Posted by: Mike Rocha on

Many first time homeowners find themselves quickly overwhelmed by simple everyday repairs. If they have never been a do-it-yourselfer, many simple repairs can seem daunting, complex or overly difficult.

In fact, most home repairs are quite simple and can greatly increase the value of your home. Maintaining small repairs in your home increases the aesthetic appeal of your home and keeps bigger repairs under control. Fix small things now and larger repairs will become unnecessary in the future. If you’re getting ready to sell your home in the next 3-5 years, this becomes even more important.

Common Small Repairs to Increase Home Value

When looking at your current home value, consider the fact that aesthetic appeal goes a long way in determining overall home pricing. If you have broken windows, poorly painted fixtures or outdated items in your home, you are drastically depreciating your home. Simple updates, cleaning and quick paint jobs can go miles for increasing overall home value.

Here are a few quick trouble spots that many homeowners overlook for simple repairs. The equipment for these repairs is rentable or purchased inexpensively:

  • Painting:  gutters, siding, wood window frames, wood doors all these require new paint every 10-15 years and even sooner if you’re in a harsh or salty client
  • Pressure cleaning: pressure washing your driveway and siding can quickly give your home a facelift and you can rent a pressure washer from almost any hardware store
  • New hardware: new door handles and porch framing can also take away years of wear and tear on your home’s appeal
  • Wood flooring: you don’t always need to completely replace wood flooring in your home. Often, a quick glaze or re-sanding can refresh and renew wood flooring for another decade.
  • Carpeting: many homeowners are intimidated by replacing carpeting themselves. In fact, replacing carpeting is quite simple and can be done in several days for less cheaply than paying someone else.
  • Accent painting: before you paint the frames and molding in your house the standard white, realize many small accent jobs can drastically change the appearance of your décor. Pay careful attention to trends and personal preference to stylize your life. Also, consider re-routing your molding for a fresh look with a router table.

Self-Help for the Homeowner

Your best bet for home repair if you’re unsure of how to proceed is to ask around for help at your local hardware store – especially smaller mom-and-pop hardware stores. Many times the owners of these smaller hardware stores are expert home repairers themselves and love the do-it-yourself approach. They can give you first-class expert advice from everything, from the best paint type for your job to the best wood routers.

Another great resource is the Internet. Utilizing self-help forums can quickly give you some fresh ideas to spruce up your living space to increase your home value and comfort of living. There is nothing like a freshly-painted house or freshly-decorated living space to make live even more enjoyable.

About the Author: Mike Rocha is an engineer from Florida with a passion for woodworking. As an engineer and hobbyist woodworker, he uses wood routers regularly and recognizes the ingenuity and versatility that they represent. Being an electrical engineer who designs and develops medical imaging systems, Mike appreciates more than most the ingenious simplicity of these tools. Check out his website if you are looking for the best wood router or router table for your project.