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Six Indispensable Garden Tools

Posted by: Lori Feldman on

Like photography or woodworking, you can never own too many tools for hobby gardening. And like other hobbies, owning the right suite of garden tools determine if you achieve worthwhile results.

Here are the indispenable tools we recommend for your garden tool collection:

  1. Square-ended shovel. They’re harder to force into the dirt, but a square-end shovel will remove large amounts of earth more easily. Use them on soft earth or moving dirt piles that have already been dug. They’re also good for distributing manure-based fertilizer and compost over target garden areas.
  2. Triangular spade. These are great all-purpose tools, especially for creating large holes needed for planting trees or transplanting large plants. One great variation is a telescope-handle shovel with a very narrow blade – somewhat like a trowel but with a long handle. They can be used to make small holes while standing and are perfect for certain weeding chores.
  3. Gardening shears. They come in a dozen shapes and sizes, but get ones that fit your hand. Most have moon-shaped blades, with one side being concave and the other convex. You’ll want a variety of sizes for trimming dead flowers and stems and small and large branches. For safety and easy storage, only buy shears with locks that hold the blades closed.
  4. Rake. Plastic rakes are common, but metal rakes last longer under heavy use. Even if you own a power leaf blower, sometimes it’s easier and neater to use a rake. Specialty rakes de-thatch the lawn in spring or prepare your yard for winter in the fall. For small re-seeding jobs, use a rake to work seeds into the topsoil. And, nothing beats a rake for scraping away dead weeds and small rocks.
  5. Wheelbarrow. This is the workhorse of the garden, and you’ll use one more often than you think. Transporting a dozen annuals in small pots-with soil, tools and a watering can-is easy with a wheelbarrow. Spread manure-based fertilizer by emptying the fertilizer bags into the wheelbarrow. Distribute over an area and spread it evenly with a rake. It’s much easier than holding a 40-lb bag in both arms and shaking.
  6. Lawn Striper. Now for the finishing touch. Your lawn and garden are planted, fertilized, pruned and dethatched. Now add some personality! The striper is a roller that attaches to most walk behind lawn mowers. The roller bends the grass creating a striping effect like you see on baseball fields, golf courses, and professionally groomed lawns.

Pick up a set of these tools, and you’ll be ready to keep your lawn and garden in peak shape year-round.

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