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Safes: The Extra Home Insurance Every Family Needs

Posted by: Richard Hoppers on

Some things in life are truly irreplaceable, even if you already have comprehensive home insurance and an alarm service. Such items, such as baby pictures, marriage documents, birth certificates and keepsakes, can quickly go up in flames in case of a flood or fire. Also, these items also require organization especially as the years of your life begin to build up more and more valuable memories. Adding a fire-proof, water-proof and break-in proof safe to your home security and insurance can give you the peace of mind that certain items won’t be lost forever if the worse happens.

Common Security Mistakes

Burglars and robbers know all the tricks that people use to hide their valuables. And in today’s credit-driven world, we also have to worry about another class of criminal that can ruin your good name: identity thieves. All it takes is for a malevolent criminal to find your vital records and jewelry to ruin your memories and your name. And if you lose these items in a fire, it’s often hard to get them replaced – especially if you’ve lost your vital documents that prove your identity.

In the event of a fire or a flood, you’re not going to grab your safe and run for the nearest exit. Instead, safes today are built to withstand extreme environmental stress for later recovery. Also, safes keep your life organized. When you need to know where you put that one vital document, a centralized safe will make sure you never lose what you need to get business done.

Buying the Right Safe

There are several important questions to ask when choosing a home safe:

  • Size: Do you need a small safe for just a few papers? Or do you want to also store jewelry and heirlooms?
  • Price: How much are you willing to spend on your safe? Are you planning on integrating your safe into a wall?
  • Environmental stresses: Are you susceptible to flooding, tornadoes or hurricanes? Do you need an extra sturdy safe (not just fire safe)?
  • Security level: Do you want a classic safe that can be cracked? Or do you want a digitally secured safe?

Common Safe Designs

A popular and most recognizable safe design is the classic square rotating lock safe. These provide peace of mind against theft, fire, and some even are water resistant and microwave resistant.

FireKing safes are some of the most popular classic safes available for customers at a very reasonable price. They offer several advantages over other brands:

  • Excellent microwave resistant safes to protect digital media
  • Very reasonable prices under $500 even for complex setups
  • Proven 60 year history of safe making and locksmithing for maximum theft protection

Another popular brand is Gardall Safes. Similar to FireKing, Gardall safes are especially designed for hiding. Their safes are easily mounted as hidden wall safes and floor safes. They are also excellently priced – most cost under $700 for a full setup.

Safes can give you that extra peace of mind for your absolutely irreplaceable valuables in your life. They can also increase your organization and keep your identity safe in this time of credit theft and robbery.

About the Author: Richard Hoppers and his wife, Suzanne, live in North Texas. He enjoys backpacking with family and friends in southwestern Colorado in the rugged Weminuche Wilderness Area. Richard is very knowledgeable about residential and business safes and their uses and applications. With all of the bank consolidations and closings over the last few years, more people have turned to providing their own security for their valuables and documents, so Richard has turned his attention towards helping others gain more knowledge about residential safes. Visit his site for information on Gardall safes and FireKing safes.