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Portable Storage Containers for Home Staging and Schlepping

Posted by: Dan Baugher on

Are you trying to sell your home? Has your realtor suggested home staging might help you get a serious offer? Staging a home makes it appear as spacious and attractive as possible, but it also involves major de-cluttering. 

Where will you put items that must be hidden away while the home is for sale? Things like family photos, sports equipment and other valuables that you want to keep but make your house less appealing to buyers if they’re on display. Try a portable storage unit.

What makes a portable storage system better than hauling everything to a self-storage warehouse facility? Katie Listerman of MyWay Mobile Storage in St. Louis, MO, says the storage containers help people in a variety of situations, including those who are staging their home for a sale.

Portable Storage Systems are the Modern Solution

Not long ago, one of the only solutions to storage problems would be to rent or borrow a truck, pack up your treasures and haul them all to a self-service storage faciity. You might even have to make that trip several times before you got the job completed.

Listerman says that the new generation of solutions for moving and storage is portable service systems. You don’t even need a truck. The storage unit is delivered right to your door. Moving your property is much easier that way. There’s no straining to lift heavy pieces high into the bed of a pickup or repeatedly climbing up and down,  in and out of a box truck. When you’re posessions are packed, the loaded unit is  either taken to your new location or to a secure, climate controlled storage facility. When you want your goods back, they are transported to the location of your choice.

Portable Storage Units are Great Solutions for DIY Movers

Once your house is sold, it’s time to move. Everyone’s experienced first-hand or heard nightmare stories about the moving process. Moving companies are known for damaging, losing or mishandling furniture. If you’re a DIY mover, you must be careful not to exceed truck rental times which incurs extra charges. Many DIY movers have experienced trucks that broke down in the middle of the move. Portable moving and storage containers eliminate those hassles.

Listerman says that one of the nicest things about using mobile storage services is that you’re never on a time limit. Once the unit is delivered, you pack it at your leisure. You don’t rush to get done before closing time to avoid paying another day’s truck rental fee. When the storage container is delivered to your new home, you can take your time unpacking. No more hurrying everything off the truck and piling it anywhere to get the truck back to the rental store. Relax, take your time, and put your things where you want them as you unpack. This is a much more civilized and less stressful way to move.

Mobile Storage Reduces Clutter During a Home Remodel

Maybe you’re not moving, but you’re finally ready to remodel. Whether you’re putting new carpet in your bedroom, hanging drywall in the living room or renovating your kitchen, the job is easier when everything is out of the way.

It’s simple when you have a portable storage unit delivered, then just pack your valuables inside. Portable storage containers are weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain or snow damaging your treasures. The units lock securely, too, so you won’t need to be concerned about theft.

Listerman said fees for portable storage are surprisingly reasonable, often less expensive than do-it-yourself storage facilities. All portable storage units used by MyWay Mobile Storage are made from reusable or recycled products, living up to green standards.

Moving always brings headaches, but now transporting and storing your valuables doesn’t have to be one of them. Next time you need to move or you just need some extra storage space, why not check out portable storage units in your area? It’s an affordable, sensible solution.