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Living Healthy: Physical Fitness – You Got To Move!

Posted by: Lainie Neiman, Life Coach on

We all know we are supposed to exercise daily. Most folks have stories about a treadmill that doubles as a coat rack or planter in their basement. Many have purchased expensive gym memberships that go unused.

What’s going on here?

Usually, it’s because at some point we decide we must make an investment in physical fitness, so we invest dollars in work out equipment or a fancy gym membership, thinking that will force us to do what we don’t feel like doing.

Unfortunately, until we make the commitment to move our bodies daily, we are doomed to feel guilty about the financial investments without the time and energy investments to match.

How To Stay Physically Fit

What if we decide to commit to moving our bodies daily with a much smaller goal in mind?

It’s like the old joke, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  Experts say we should walk 10,000 steps a day.  You can pick up an inexpensive pedometer at any big discount store. You wear it on your waist, and it tracks each step you take during the day. It’s an excellent way to create your own baseline so you know the average number of steps you take in a normal day.

Even if you find that without official exercise, you clock 5,000 steps a day, you know you can take a 30-minute walk daily and make up the additional 5,000 steps.

All the research studies suggest that folks who simply walk 30 minutes a day add years to their life, as well as life to their years. They feel better. They act and think young. They decrease their risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Once you get in the habit of doing a daily walk, you will notice that you don’t have the same energy on the days you miss, and your mental outlook is not as rosy.

Some folks like walking with their iPod, others like to listen to the sounds of Nature- dogs barking, birds singing, and yes, even horns honking occasionally, if you live in the city.

Others prefer the company of a walking buddy. Whichever your preference, getting your body moving on a daily basis is critical to your sense of well-being.

Look for ways to move your body, even when you’re sitting in your chair. Flex your legs, make circles with your arms. You can still join a gym, and work out on machines, or use your home treadmill.  However, the fresh air will do you good. Even when it’s cold, wear layers, like a hat and scarf–and go for it!

You got to move.