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I *Heart* My Redesigned Garage

Posted by: Lisbeth Tanz on

It’s been said that we live in a throwaway society. I beg to differ. I mean have you looked in your neighbor’s garage lately? How about your basement?

We Americans seem to thrive on clutter and collecting things for which we don’t really have room. Garages seem especially prone to the accumulation of stuff that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else in the house. Don’t you know people who can’t even pull their cars into their garage because it’s filled with an assortment of things? Does this describe your garage, by chance?

I used to have a garage just like that. It was two-car capable, but it could only house one car – barely. I solved my cluttered garage problem by moving. However, you don’t have to go to that drastic step to reclaim your space and enjoy your garage or basement again. By incorporating custom cabinets and organizing panels strategically in your space, you may never have to worry about losing usable area to those miscellaneous, seldom-used items again!

You can find storage systems at your local hardware store, but Perry DiCampo ofGarage Designs of St. Louis would like you to give him a call instead. As you may have guessed, his company specializes in designing functional, usable and attractive garages (and other spaces) using custom cabinetry, organizing panels and cool flooring options.

Perry, a self-professed “garage guy,” explains his love affair with garages, “I got into this business because I’ve always loved my garage. It’s my hangout where I work on projects and play with my cars. I’ve always had an organized garage. It’s my passion, and I’m passionate about helping other people love their garage, too.”

What Perry loves most is helping clients achieve their dream of organization in spaces that seem impossible to tame. The first step is getting a handle on the stuff being stored. Frequently, homeowners must purge old, unused pieces before they truly have an idea of the number and types of items to be stored. This step is important because no one really wants to store things they’ll never use again.

Second, even if budgets are limited, a garage specialist can streamline the process, offer unique solutions and save the homeowner some heartache by helping him avoid costly mistakes. Perry adds, “I’ve spent a lot of time in garages, so I have lots of ideas for making a garage fit the person or family to whom it belongs. The delight that customers express once the garage is reclaimed is truly rewarding.”

If you’re thinking the storage built by Perry and his team is boring, you’d be wrong. While you can still have metal cabinets installed, a recent trend is to place quality, custom cabinetry in the garage – making what is likely the largest room in your home an attractive and functional space. Cabinets can also be designed to conceal power boxes, outdoor lighting boxes and central vacuum systems. It used to be that shelving was the most used storage systems, but now people want to hide their stuff and project a “neat and clean” image to anyone who happens to look in the garage.

Another often-overlooked part of the garage is the floor. Spice up your space with RaceDeck® modular flooring. RaceDeck is a cool alternative to applied floor coverings. It can also be used in spaces other than the garage, such as a laundry room or basement. The variety of colors and designs available opens the door to creativity – homeowners have nearly no limitations on modular flooring designs.

When making the decision on how to renovate a garage, Perry cautions homeowners not to base their decisions only on price. He believes that the quality of materials, the craftsmanship used in the building process and the functionality of the design should all be considered in the final decision-making process. Here’s something else to consider: you want whatever you do to add value to your home. A high-quality, well-constructed and attractive garage system will never hurt your home’s value!

When considering a garage contractor, always check references and look at some of their other completed projects. Examine the materials used and how well the plan fits together. Ask the contractor for ideas and include his creativity – or lack thereof – in your hiring process. Be sure to also have a budget in mind as well as your goals for the space.

Garage Designs of St. Louis is an independently owned company specializing in garage redesign.