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Home Wireless Networking – Convenience Like Never Before

Posted by: Steven Papas on

Everyone who has a home wireless network setup realizes just how useful this home feature is for everyday computing. All you need is a wired connection and a wireless router to broadcast a secure online (i.e. Internet) signal throughout your house (usually 100-300 feet of reception in all three directions). Best of all, with today’s Internet security applications out there and built-in wireless security, almost all wireless computing is just as secure as wired computing.

What are some things you can do with a wireless home network? Simple, here are some popular applications you may have not considered before:

  • Two computers connected to the same internet connection at the same time – kids can watch YouTube or surf Facebook while Dad is reading the online news on his iPad or iPhone
  • Multiple downloads – Download new software or music to your desktop while using your laptop to work on school work
  • Multiple backups – Use your desktop as a backup location for your files on your laptop and transfer files via your home wireless setup
  • Share music, photos effortlessly – setup your photos and music for a dinner party or when you have friends over for a fun family review time
  • Visitors can use the Internet with their own laptops while visiting – Have a friend watching your home for you during vacation? Give them wireless access to your network so they can have internet away from home!

How to Create a Secure Network

There are many gimmicks out there in the network security world. Many times, the unknown brand names tend to have less virus protection and less updating power than the brand name security applications such as Norton. It’s very important to weigh your security needs when you setup your wireless Internet access.

Always protect your network with a password. These are set at the router level and keep people from stealing your Internet access and getting access to your private network files. This is simple to do and all routers come with a setup program that allows you to set the password. Make sure you load the password on every computer that will use your network.

Finally, you need virus protect software and a backup system. The best virus protection program that can save your precious computer is Norton Antivirus Software, which can often be bought with a Norton promotional coupon. This is an absolute must for families with curious children who may innocently download nefarious software into your computer network without realizing itís a virus.

Best of all, pair your Norton antivirus software with the Norton Ghost software, which automatically backs up your drives and keeps them secure in case you have a catastrophic computer failure. These protective programs will keep your network safe from viruses and backed up so you never lose a night’s sleep from file loss. This is also essential for the busy family with kids who may accidentally destroy a laptop or computer with play or spilled liquids.

When you plan for the worst, you often have the best results. Protect your home network and it will give you years of convenient fun Internet use.

About The Author: Steven Papas lives in Athens with his wife Elena. His goal is to deliver the latest computer software-related news to web surfers around the world. On his website you’ll find Norton promotional coupons, presentations and reviews for antivirus software, and Norton Ghost coupons.