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Home Appliances for Every Budget

Posted by: Gary Carraghan on

When the cherry red washer-dryer combination appliances came out, my wife was practically drooling over them. She wanted them so bad that I finally broke down and bought her a LG pair front-loading washer and dryer (of course, cherry red).

Once we bought our new appliances with the help of LG washer reviews, we couldn’t stop there. Our new washer and dryer turned into a complete kitchen re-model once we realized how energy efficient and stylish new appliances are these days! Buying new appliances would not only update our home and increase its value, but it would also save us money in energy down the road. As a result of my new kitchen remodel, I save almost $80 a month in electricity!

Where to Start For New Appliances?

The best source of information I received about which washer and dryer to buy was with Internet-based LG washer reviews by actual LG customers. Depending on what brand you want or are loyal to, you can find product reviews everywhere on the Internet. Since we are an LG-family, we definitely stuck with LG washer and dryer reviews. We had to carefully choose which reviews to trust. We never used reviews on the manufacturers’ sites, because of course those will be biased towards that brand and product. Instead, we choose Amazon and other sites.

Questions to Ask for New Kitchen Appliances

The biggest concerns for every kitchen remodel are:

  • Space: How big can your new appliances be? How much space do you need for your cooking, washing and cleaning needs?
  • Cost: Can you adjust your budget for one item if you want another expensive item?
  • Finish: Are you loyal to black? Do you want to spend extra for stainless steel?
  • Brand: Which brand are your comfortable with in your home? Which has served you best in the past?
  • Warranty: What about when the worst happens and the appliance breaks?

Remember, you will use your kitchen everyday and you want to select appliances that will give you carefree operations for years to come. Always consider the warranty and service plan if the worst should happen. For example, let’s say your oven breaks before a big Thanksgiving dinner. Does the company send a service repairman right away or do you have to send the appliance back yourself and wait for service? Will the store replace the appliance? Is delivery free?

Finally, consider the timeless classic style of stainless steel. Though itís a little bit more expensive, stainless steel adds immense value to your home and is best when youíre planning to sell in the short term. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and most resistant to the damage inflicted by pets and children.

Adjust Your Budget as Necessary

If a product has negative customer reviews but a great price, there is a reason why. Cheaply made appliances simply don’t work for very long or they come already damaged. If there is an appliance in your kitchen that you use more than others, be ready to splurge a bit and maybe cut back on another appliance for your remodel. Remember you use these items everyday, so make them count!

About the Author: Gary Carraghan worked as the Marketing Manager for a major appliance manufacturer and knows that there’s a lot more that goes into these machines than just soap and water. That’s the reason Gary built his site; so that you’ll have access to all the information you need to make an informed decision on what washer and dryer makes the best fit for your requirements. Check out his website for LG washer reviews and information on Electrolux front load washers.