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Glass Art "Kits" for Adults

Posted by: Angie Hicks on

I can remember it vividly. I was about 10 years old and repeatedly rode my bicycle up to the neighborhood Ben Franklin 5 and Dime store to buy stained glass, paint by numbers, mosaic kits. I loved creating art. That was the childhood memory that flashed in my brain when I met artist Rick Hecht of SGO Designer Glass and talked to him about his custom decorated glass designs. Actually, all of the folks at SGO are accomplished artists in glass design. It’s amazing to see all the applications that SGO can do with glass…everything from stained glass, to etched and carved glass. They create iron art which looks JUST like wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. SGO Iron Art can be easily installed in any indoor or outdoor space and personalizes a home or office. People use them to “reinvent” an unwanted view that still allows in the sunlight. One of the neatest things about SGO Glass’ decorative designs is that they can be inserted or added on to an existing window. Can you imagine looking out one of your windows into the light through an amazing art glass design that you commissioned and Rick helped bring to life? From concept to installation takes only four weeks and less than one hour to install. How easy is that??? Not Just Windows Rick tells me that shower enclosures are the big trend now, designed with clear or decorative glass. Imagine a frameless shower with thick beautiful etched glass. I’ll take one of those!!! He also says that building codes are becoming much stricter now. You must make sure that any glasswork you have done meets these building codes. When you do business with Rick Hecht and SGO Designer Glass, those codes are not taken lightly. That’s one of the reasons that they have been in business for 30 years. Your family will be safe while in the surroundings of a palace. Rick will be showcasing many of his innovative designs at the upcoming St. Louis Builders Home and Garden Show. Put these on your checklist of must-see exhibits:
  • Glass Shelves
    • Stained Glass Overlay
    • Beveled Glass
    • Sandblasted/Etched Glass
    • Leaded Glass
    • Traditional Cut Glass
    • Mirrors
    • Shower Enclosures
    • Ceilings-Flat or Domed
    • Glass Furniture Tops
    • Tiffany Lamps (I have one of these and it is breath-taking)
    Writing about this has me longing to make that trek up Ballas Road to that old Ben Franklin store to search through all their marvelous stained glass kits. Alas, the store’s long gone. Maybe I’ll just pop into SGO’ Designer Glass’ booth at the Home and Garden Show to see what they can make for me! And maybe they’ll even let me help. After all, I have a LOT of experience! Kat Schneider-Clark is a freelance writer, specializing in the St. Louis community. She is an advocate for everything living: plants, animals, people, AND fashion accessories. A highly decorated veteran of the professional music scene, Kat is a keyboard player and vocalist who is all about creating, communicating, and connecting people with new ideas.