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Four Hot Trends in Kitchen Design

Posted by: Lisbeth Tanz on

Quartz Countertops – Sinks need to sit on or in something and the newest trend in countertops is quartz. This natural stone look surface is perfect in kitchens because it’s non-porous – cooking debris and bacteria can’t soak in making quartz totally food safe. Quartz is also easy to maintain, unlike granite, which requires sealing, polishing and reconditioning. Finally, a quartz countertop isdesigned to “take it.” Its durability is nearly unmatched in the countertop world. In fact, quartz is twice as strong as granite. Generally speaking, when you buy a quartz countertop, you’re actually getting “engineered quartz.” This means your counters are made from 95 percent ground quartz with five percent polymer resins. This is what makes the end result so durable and colorful. Because of its durability, quartz countertops are virtually indestructible. There is one enemy of quartz, however, and that’s excessive heat. As with other countertop surfaces, you’ll need to use a hot pad or trivet to protect your quartz investment.


Induction Cook Tops – Ever wished you could heat something on your stove and not leave a hot cook top behind? Induction cook tops do just that, and it really isn’t magic. Unlike traditional gas or electric cook tops that generate heat to warm the vessel containing the food to be cooked, induction cook tops make the vessel the originator of the heat, which then cooks food in a gradual and more uniform way. It’s all because of an electromagnetic field created by the cook top’s electronics. This field reacts with the metal of the cooking vessel, setting up a continuous electric current loop, which quickly generates heat. As the vessel heats up, so do the contents. When the vessel is removed from the cook top, heat generation stops. Only the vessel is hot, the cook top remains cool – a great safety feature if you have kids or curious cats. The only downside? If you cook with aluminum, copper or glass, you’ll have to invest in iron or steel pots and pans since those are the only metals that activate the electromagnetic current. 

Microwave Drawers – You may be familiar with the dishwasher drawer, but have you seen a microwave drawer? It works just like your regular microwave it’s just packaged differently. The impetus behind this little gem was a desire by designers to hide certain appliances so kitchens look less like … kitchens. Go figure.

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