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Closet Organizers Manufactured from Roseburg Reforestation Land

Posted by: Roxanne Todd on

Do you have the urge to run away from the clutter in your home? Should your overflowing closets be classified a Federal disaster area?  

If the answer is yes, consider closet organizing systems to rid your home of unwanted clutter.  

Closet Tailors, St. Louis, MO, designs closet organizer plans that are both cost efficient and environmentally friendly.  

“Homeowners and business owners want the biggest bang for their buck in terms of more effective use of the square footage of their space,” says Rick Wunderlich, owner and operator of a Closet Tailors franchise businesses.  

But, he says, “Many homeowners believe custom designed and installed home organization systems are for the elite and cost thousands of dollars. It’s frustrating to me that people just assume it’s more expensive than it is. We can design a system to meet just about anyone’s budget.” 

Closet Designs from Green Building Products

Closet Tailors works with green building materials called UltraBlend™, made from 100% pre-consumer recycled materials harvested from Roseburg Forest Products, the first in the industry to set aside company land to study and improve fish habitats.

Roseburg Forest Products started its reforestation program to use environmentally friendly practices, including helicopter logging to protect the soil and the animals that inhabit the forest floor. The company has monitoring and protection practices in place to insure the continuation of the forest’s biological diversity.

Rick favors the fact that Roseburg Forest Products uses natural remnants such as bark and tree branches instead of fossil fuels to run their plant. This allows the company to run their operation without emitting smoke and toxic substances into the air. “Closet Tailors take a great deal of pride in our partnership with Roseburg Forest Products. They are not only in the business of producing quality wood products, but also of conserving natural resources for future generations.”  

Getting Started with a Custom Closet Design  

Closet Tailors starts with a free personal consultation using specialized software to show customers three-dimensional renderings of what their finished product will look like. “I personally oversee every job that we design and sell. Customer satisfaction is important,” Rick says. 

He is aware that homeowners are often skeptical about contractors bearing bad reputations, and that it can take a leap of faith sometimes to hire one–expecially when it’s only on for a one-time project. “It’s particularly satisfying to me when our customers call us back for their next new project. They’ll often tell me they’ve never called a contractor back before.”