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Americans Waste 2 Months Per Year Searching for Things

Posted by: Lisbeth Tanz on

We’ve all done this: Gone to the last place we put something, only to find it’s not there anymore. Or while rooting around in the pantry for dinner, we discover a container of something that expired … 2 years ago. Or while working away in our home office, we realize we need a document for an impending conference call, and it’s nowhere to be found. (And you just had it!)

On average, a typical American wastes 2 months per year looking for things they own or know they have somewhere, but can’t find. Sixty days!

It seems to me that this wasted time could be better spent doing something fun like vacationing in Fiji.

So, why do we all waste so much time? Are we Americans just too hopelessly disorganized? Do we have too much stuff? Are we too distracted to take note of where we laid down our things or even to remember what we have?

Perhaps the “why” of our constant search for things doesn’t matter. Because what is important is that there’s a solution for this chronic condition. In St. Louis, MO, one company exists solely to help us organize our lives and give us peace of mind-and do it with beautiful results. The company is NewSpace.

NewSpace tackles old, inefficient and disorganized living areas and converts them into sleek, functional and beautiful organized interiors. NewSpace may have started out in the closet (doing closet organizing), but they’ve since emerged to bring their design and space planning expertise to pantries, home offices, garages, laundry rooms, media rooms and anywhere else stuff needs to be neatly organized or hidden from view.

Gone are the days when white melamine dominated the organizing cabinetry business. You can still find that sturdy material. But today there are so many more choices in finishes, such as dramatic wood grains, luxurious laminates and natural stone tops, all of which create rooms of distinction. Not only do they show off great design-ability, but they also posess a high-quality look and feel. Additional design elements, such as decorative knobs and crown molding are add ons that truly customize your room or closet and make it uniquely personal. NewSpace also designs amazing creations for the environmentally conscious client by using certified green materials.

NewSpace offers these 3 tips for working with a company to organize an area of their home. These tips apply no matter how small the project.

  1. Visit the company’s showroom. Examine the desired fit and finish of your selected products to eliminate surprises after the install. This is the best way to see the wide variety of options and gauge the level of craftsmanship in the building process.
  2. Provide the designer with plenty of information about the project you have in mind. A successful project starts with the right design, so share your ideas for the types of items to be stored, how much you have to store and the functionality you want to achieve. This design meeting puts everyone on the same page.
  3. “Absorb” the suggested design. Mentally walk through each design component to see if it meets all your needs. Now’s the time to ask questions and make changes because modifications are much easier (and affordable) at this stage.

NewSpace also offers the only 100% satisfaction guarantee in the industry. The guarantee covers functionality, workmanship and materials for as long as you own your NewSpace products. What NewSpace can’t guarantee, unfortunately, is that your significant other will remember to put things back in their newly designated and beautifully crafted space. You’re on your own for that.