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4 tips to help extend the life of your roof

Posted by: Angie Hicks on

Help keep your roof in tip-top shape and forestall repairs or replacement by following these steps:

  1. Get the gunk out of your gutters! — Keep your gutters and downspouts clear and in good condition so overflows and leaks don't damage your roof.
  2. Don't let critters get too comfortable. — Prevent rodents and other animals from taking up residence in your attic or elsewhere in your home, so they'll be less likely to gnaw on roofing materials or piping.
  3. Do damage patrols. — Look for any shingles or broken tiles that could be exposing what's underneath to the elements.
  4. Get inspected.  — Have a home inspector or trusted roofing contractor give your roof a once-over on a regular basis. They can often spot problems before they happen.